Our Fantastic Products/Services

This is an example of a product and/or services page.  With IFY Designs’ standard 5-page layout you can either have a product or service page with 1 or 2 images (an image is a picture like the gear looking things below).

Some of our customer highlight their most popular products here with a couple of images or list their product categories.  This varies by type of business.  If 5 pages isn’t enough to advertise all your products or services, there are always page upgrades and continuing maintenance plans that allow your website to grow as your business does.

Fantastic Widget

You’d want to say why your product is so awesome here.  Any technical info, etc.

These widgets are AWESOME!!  They totally changed my life.  I’ll never be without them again!  ~satisfied customer

Super SprocketFantastic Sprocket

This is again where you’d put more detailed information about this product/service.