About Us

Joe Schmoe's Racing TeamWhat should be on your About Us Page?

You might not think this is an important page on your website, but don’t underestimate it’s importance.  All websites need to have an about us page!

You need to pay attention to what’s on it.

Rest assured, your customers are!!

This is where you customer learns your company and what you offer.  It’s actually one of the first three pages most customers visit when coming to your website.

This page’s primary purpose is to announce to the world what your business does and what it can deliver to its customers.

Some basics that should be included:

  • Who your company serves
  • How long you’ve been in business or how much experience you have
  • Long-term goals
  • Mission statement
  • Address
  • If you company has multiple addresses or does business globally this is the perfect place to mention that
  • Any special accreditation or business affiliations such as the Better Business Bureau or any special licensing
  • A short description of how your company got started or why you do what you do
  • Some companies like to personalize their approach with bios of staff members, sometimes with personal hobbies, etc.
  • Possibly naming some big accounts you’ve landed or companies you’ve worked with either by name or by recognizable logo could be helpful

This is the one place you should be
tooting your own horn…